Free CPD: Moving Problem-based learning online – 1st July – online


Identifying the opportunities and challenges for delivering problem-based learning to students remotely – a free CPD workshop for academic staff.

Wednesday 1st July – 10:15 am for a prompt 10:30am start. Session will run for 120mins.

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With universities rapidly moving their courses online in response to the coronavirus pandemic, how can instructors still deliver high quality problem-based learning (PBL) remotely? This session is the first in a series that Professor Søren Willert and Oliver Broadbent will be running to explore how to make the most of this situation to deliver good PBL.

Søren and Oliver will use good PBL principles to talk about PBL. In this first session we will:

  • Review the principles of PBL
  • Identify the opportunities and challenges of the new working environment
  • Develop ideas for a programme of topics to cover in future training sessions

The training is based on the 12 Principles of PBL for teaching engineers that they developed as part of the EU-funded Enginite scheme.

This free workshop is a prelude to a four-week programme of PBL training for academic staff that Søren and Oliver will be running in the Autumn. The programme is intended to straddle both pre-term prep and start of term activities and to provide academic staff with techniques to try and support in their implementation. By attending this workshop you will have the chance to shape the content of the training course in the Autumn and you will get preferential booking when bookings open.

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About the trainers

Professor Søren Willert

Søren is Emeritus Professor at the Institute for Culture and Learning at Aalborg University. Geographically Aalborg University (AAU) is located in the northern part of Jutland. In spite of its modest size and its location far away from metropolitan centres, Aalborg prides itself on being nationally and internationally renowned in several fields:

  • General educational quality: No. 1 in UN’s Sustainable Development Goal No. 4, i.e. Quality Education. According to AAU this recognition itself is due to its dedicated commitment to project-oriented Problem-Based Learning (PBL) as universal teaching-learning strategy
  • Engineering educational programme: No. 4 in the world and No. 1 in Europe according to MIT
  • Best in Denmark when it comes to active collaboration with the surrounding business community. This recognition is a reflection both of the ‘Aalborg-model’ for teaching-learning and also of AAU’s professed commitment as ‘Community University’.

Søren came to Aalborg in 2006. Designing and running master programmes for organization practitioners (managers, consultants, professionals), using PBL and action research as general operational principles, have been among his most important achievements.

During the period 1968-2005 Søren worked at Dept. of Psychology, Aarhus University. Here his academic profile as university-based researcher-practitioner (psychotherapist, organization consultant, supervisor, coach) was developed.

Oliver Broadbent

Oliver is a broadcaster, trainer and writer. He is Founder and Director of training company Constructivist, where he leads course design and delivery. He works with the universities of Bath, Cambridge and Imperial to developed innovative approaches to curriculum design and delivery.

He is a Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor at Imperial College, London. He has co-authored a series of good practice teaching guides for the Academy on experience-led learning, e-learning for engineers, effective industrial engagement in engineering education and how to teach sustainability.

Oliver is creator of Eiffel Over – a collection of writing, broadcasts, performances and workshops on creativity and philosophy for engineers and other humans. Through Eiffel Over, Oliver aims to inspire people to rise to the challenge of the climate and biodiversity crises and to give them the practical creative problem-solving skills to do so.