The Pattern Book for Regenerative Design

We see patterns. We think in patterns. We create patterns.

A pattern is something that repeats. A drum beat. An oscillation.

Patterns make things regular and therefore intelligible. Patterns help us predict what will happen next. Out of a sea of random events a pattern can feel like a life raft. Or pieces from which we can assemble together to create a boat.

The OED says the word comes from the Middle English ‘patron’ meaning something to be followed.

This is interesting. What if the patterns we are following are no-longer serving us? What if the drumbeat is no-longer leading us in the right direction. What if the oscillations are going out of control?

Then we need to learn to see new patterns. We need to learn to think in new patterns. And we need to create new patterns.

That is why at Constructivist we are starting to build the Pattern Book for Regenerative Design. It is a guide for engineers (and other humans) for thinking in new, regenerative patterns. At the moment it is lots of pieces, but my hope is that these pieces can be assembled to create a useful boat for designers to clamber aboard.

Collaborative brief for the pattern book

To develop the pattern book we are using a collaborative brief that aims to demonstrate the principles of regenerative practice in action. Read the pattern book brief.

The Pattern Book for Regenerative Design (alphabetical)