Regenerative Design Lab New Year’s Retreat

  • 2nd to 3rd January 2024.
  • Price from £50 to £100 +VAT.
  • Book here.


Book your place at Hazel Hill Wood from 11 am on January 2nd to 3 pm on January 3rd as we gather together the Regenerative Design Lab community to make connections and set intentions fo rthe year ahead.

As we step into the new year, this retreat offers a chance for a reset, a moment to set intentions for how we can contribute to the regenerative transition through our work and lives. Hazel Hill Wood, with its winter beauty, provides the perfect backdrop for reflection and connection with the living world.

The schedule is intentionally loose, blending time spent outdoors in the living world with indoor gatherings for catching up with fellow community members. It’s an occasion to offer and receive critical support and feedback on our work in a relaxed, supportive setting.

With over 50 members now in the lab community, this retreat is also a prime opportunity for meeting other members of the community and strengthening bonds within our circle. Shared cooking will be a highlight, bringing everyone together to prepare and enjoy meals, fostering a spirit of community and collaboration.

To help cover costs, we invite contributions at two rates: £50 + VAT for individuals from micro organizations or self-supported, and £100 + VAT for those from larger or corporate organisations.

This retreat is not just a professional development opportunity but a chance to sustain ourselves personally among peers who have shared the Regenerative Design Lab experience. The combination of professional growth and personal rejuvenation within a peer group makes this retreat truly unique.

Join us at Hazel Hill Wood to set your intentions for the year, immerse yourself in the living world, and be part of a community that nurtures your professional and personal growth.

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