5 questions on regenerative design

With five days to go until the launch of the Regenerative Structural Engineer, here are some questions that we would hope you can answer once you have read it.

  1. What is the difference between regenerative design and sustainability design? Is this just a new version of sustainability or is this substantially different. What does regenerative design mean anyway!?
  2. Why do we need to go beyond being sustainable? Isn’t the path we are on already good enough? What about net-zero design – isn’t that enough?
  3. How can we change the way we design to create a transition a regenerative construction industry? What influence do I have as a structural engineer? Isn’t this someone else’s job?
  4. How do we start to think systemically about the changes we need to make in industry to enable regenerative practice? How do we reinforce the positive changes we seek? How do re-imagine how supply chains?
  5. How do we begin to imagine a regenerative future? What are the ways of thinking we need to adopt? And what are the ways of thinking we need to leave behind.

Intrigued? Pre-order your copy here. Available in print or online.

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Shifting the systemic barriers to regenerative design

The idea that construction should enhance ecosystems and communities rather than depleting them might sound like a given. After all, shouldn’t the world be genuinely better off, more resilient, thriving, and adaptable after we build something? This, in essence, is what a regenerative construction industry is all about.

However, when we start translating this approach to individual projects, we quickly encounter a plethora of barriers: supply chain restrictions, legislative hurdles, planning constraints, contractual structures, questions of long-term ownership, measurement and metrics, to name a few.

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Systems Mapping and Abundance Thinking: A Glimpse into RDL Cohort 2 Session 3

Today we held the third session for Cohort 2 at the Regenerative Design Lab (RDL).

Our monthly online sessions offer a platform for participants to discuss and digest the reflective work they’ve engaged in over the past month. Additionally, in these sessions we host skill development activities designed to bolster our understanding of regenerative practices.

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Upcoming CRDL Cohort 1 Reunion: A Step Forward in Regenerative Design

Hello! This week marks an exciting time for us as we prepare for the upcoming Constructivist Regenerative Design Lab’s Cohort 1 reunion, taking place from June 13th to 14th at Hazel Hill Wood. This event brings together a group of dedicated professionals who have immersed themselves in the world of regenerative design.

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Eva MacNamara on taking part in the Constructivist Regenerative Design Lab

Interview by Alexie Sommer

Let’s hear about Eva

Eva MacNamara is leading structural & civil engineer, and innovation consultant. She has led a career working on cutting-edge projects including bridges, buildings and art works. She is technical, creative, innovative, and holds sustainable, regenerative and low-carbon solutions high on her agenda.

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Kick-off of An Introduction to Conceptual Design for Structural Engineers

Today we kicked-off our latest round of ‘An Introduction to Conceptual Design fro Structural Engineers’ for the Institution of Structural Engineers. This introductory course, delivered by Oliver Broadbent, is designed to provide structural engineers with a foundation in the conceptual design process, as distinct from more detailed design with which they might be more familiar.

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Regenerative Design Spring Residential – welcome to the woods.

Image showing post-it notes on a piece of paper lying down on some leaves to illustrate the post 'spring residential welcome to the woods'

We are looking forward to welcoming our second cohort on the Regenerative Design Lab to Hazel Hill Wood for their spring residential visit.

The Regenerative Design Lab programme works with the seasons. We held interviews in the winter (when it was actually snowing) and are meeting in the spring where first shoots of ideas will emerge. Over the summer we will turn these ideas into experiments. And and we will harvest and share the fruits of these experiments in the autumn.

In this find out about what we do on our residential retreats and how it fits into the Lab programme.

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The journey begins for Lab cohort 2

Screenshot of the 18 participants in the Regenerative Design Lab second cohort

This morning we said a big hello and welcome to our second cohort of participants in Regenerative Design Lab. Today, this group of 19 engineers and built-environment professionals begin a deep dive into the principles of regenerative design. Our aim is to experiment with regenerative principles and translate theory into practice for wider adoption by the construction industry.

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