Regenerative Design Lab Summer Research Workshop

  • 11th to 12th June 2024.
  • Price from £50 to £150 +VAT.
  • To book email Oliver.


The aim of the Regenerative Design Lab is to enable the transition to a regenerative built environment. To support the Regenerative Design Lab community of 50+ members in their work, we are inviting all past members of the lab to join our summer research workshop.

In line with the three of the principles of regenerative brief writing (as described in the Regenerative Structural Engineer), the brief for this workshop is to:

  • to strengthen interconnections within the group
  • to create symbiotic loops of exchange
  • to enable the self-organise to make the most of the emergent possibilities

The Regenerative Design Lab has now been running since 2022. In that time, three very distinct cohorts have steered their own paths through the lab process and are now active in industry, helping to create the transition to a regenerative industry. 

This workshop is an opportunity to connect with each other, to share what we have learnt and to discover opportunities for the future. 

It is also a chance to return to Hazel Hill Wood, the ecosystem that we have all learnt from and continues to have much to teach us in our individual and collective exploration of what it means for a system to thrive within its ecosystem limits.

The event is open to past lab members.


Arrive at Hazel Hill Wood on Tuesday 11th June for a 11am start. The event will close at 3pm on Wednesday 12th June. 

To keep costs down, we will be doing shared cooking and clearing up. In our experience, this is a great way to mix up the groups and discover shared interest.

We are running this event on a not-for-profit basis, and are inviting you to pay what you can afford. We have three suggested rates:

  • £50 + VAT – self-funded/micro organisation rate
  • £100 + VAT – public sector/NGO rate/small organisation rate
  • £150 + VAT – corporate/commercial/large organisation rate.

Please get in touch with Oliver or Ellie if cost is a barrier to participation – we don’t want anyone to miss out.

To book your place, email Oliver and he will send you a booking form with a few questions about dietary requirements etc.