Conceptual Design for Rebel Engineers

Concpetual design for radical engineers
Changed priorities ahead – we need rebel engineers to imagine a radically different future.

I am an engineer. Engineers take decisions about risk all the time by combining an assessment of likelihood of an event happening and an assessment of the consequences. The IPCC report makes clear that unless we limit global temperature rises to 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels then the likelihood of climate breakdown is very high and the consequences of climate breakdown are very severe – possibly existential.

We therefore need to act, by taking significant, coordinated, cross-party and effective action quickly.

But what can I do?

Well I am a trainer, and I train engineers in conceptual design. The new zero-carbon economy that we need will be built by engineers, but before we can build it, we have to imagine it – conceive of it – and then we have to design it. The transformation to zero-carbon needs engineers with excellent conceptual design skills, and that is what I can offer.

I propose to set up not-for-profit conceptual design training for rebel engineers, engineers who have decided that the current rate of change is not fast enough and who want to help design the radical transformation.

The basic set of skills isn’t different from any other conceptual design context: understanding a brief, developing ideas, iteratively improving and testing ideas and then convincing others. The starting point will be building our capacity to collectively imagine the transformed economy that we are trying to build.

Are you a Rebel Engineer?

Then I would like to hear from you. I am plan to pilot the first round of this training this summer. To help me do that I would like to know:

  • What’s the biggest challenge you face, and what support do you need?
  • What inspires you? Can you recommend any case studies of engineers already designing the future we need?
  • When’s good – weekday or weekend?
  • What’s your level of experience?
  • Who else should I be speaking to?
  • How much would you be prepared to contribute to cover venue hire, materials and catering?

You can leave your answers in the comments box below, or you can contact me on social media. I look forward to hearing from you?

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