Kick-off of An Introduction to Conceptual Design for Structural Engineers

Today we kicked-off our latest round of ‘An Introduction to Conceptual Design fro Structural Engineers’ for the Institution of Structural Engineers. This introductory course, delivered by Oliver Broadbent, is designed to provide structural engineers with a foundation in the conceptual design process, as distinct from more detailed design with which they might be more familiar.

In the first session of this online course we explore how we can design as process. We introduce the chevron model of design. We use this model to show how design must first go through a period of increased unknowns before it can begin to focus on specific conceptual designs. By understanding design as a process, participants are better equipped to think about which parts of the process are getting more attention than others. Participants can also identify which parts need more attention.

Another focus for the introductory session is understanding what happens when a client sets a designer a brief. We often think of a design brief as a fixed document, but in reality it is something that evolves with the design process. We use our ‘missing elements of the brief‘ approach to help participants unpick a brief and ask questions to bring clarity to the process.

It’s always great to start a course with a new cohort. This group of participants included engineers from South Africa, Nigeria and the British Virgin Islands as well as in the UK. We’re looking forward to developing the conversation over the coming weeks.

Further reading

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