The Return of Training on what to do after declaring a Climate Emergency

It’s been a year since many engineering and construction firms declared a climate and biodiversity emergency. Six months since the pandemic struck. But the climate clock is still ticking and the world is still heating. Are we one tenth of the way we need to get to in this decade to avoid the worst kind of climate breakdown?

In hindsight, making the declaration is the easy part: the difficult part is knowing what to do next. That is why we created the course ‘Training on what to do after declaring a Climate Emergency’. It recognises that the emergency status is a new operating paradigm for most organisations, and that within those organisations there will be individuals and teams whose job it is to work out how to respond. We created this course to support those people.

Overcoming these challenges requires a mixture of

  • clarity of thinking about the situation, the obstacles and the opportunities.
  • personal resilience to be able to hold difficult conversations that cut to the heart of what our businesses are about.
  • confidence to stand up to the reality of the situation when others don’t want to.
  • imagination to see the alternative future that we could be building.
  • persuasive skill to bring others with you.

Our Spring 2020 cohort of trainees comprised a mix of civil and structural engineers, architects, project managers and business leaders all committed to helping their businesses respond to the crisis. Through the cycle of training and follow-up workshops, this group of individuals created a supportive community that helped to guide and mentor each other take bold action in each of their working scenarios.

Our Autumn 2020 cohort will run entirely online. In addition the our existing content, this new group will be able to look with hindsight at a year of responses to the climate and biodiversity crises and assess what is and isn’t working. We can look at our response to the Covid-19 pandemic and what it can teach us about the climate crisis. We will also be able to look at the trail-blazers in this space: the people who have taken this emergency by the horns and who are providing real leadership.

If your organisation has declared a climate emergency but is wandering what to do next, this course is for you or one of your senior members of staff. Full details on how to book below.