Trainee feedback: training on what to do after declaring a climate emergency

We asked members from our first cohort of ‘Training on what to do after declaring a Climate Emergency‘ participants what they thought of the course and why other people should think about going. Here are some of the things they said.

The support of the group alongside discussion of change models and tools was transformative in developing insight on how I can make positive change and resolve to take action. I would highly recommend it to those seeking to develop personal or organisational strategies in response to the climate emergency.

Julia Ratcliffe – Director – Scale Consulting

This course is really good for developing the soft skills for tackling the climate emergency. It also provides you with a structured process for developing an action plan that is bespoke to your company, as well as a network of like-minded practitioners to bounce ideas off. Oli and Bengt are very experienced and engaging trainers who ensure everyone gets what they need out of the course.”

Jo Dobson – Associate, Useful Projects

As one of the spring cohort I can really strongly recommend this course. An enlightened and positive approach to tackling seemingly intractable problems. … and a fun way to meet a great bunch of interesting and interested people. What’s not to like?

Nick Francis – Director, Imagine Engineering

Taking big steps towards tackling the Climate Emergency can seem daunting, but TOWTDADACE helped me to identify what my first steps needed to be, and gave me the confidence to take them.

Will Arnold – Head of Climate Action, Institution of Structural Engineers

The scale of the environmental emergency we face as a society can sometimes feel overwhelming and because of the size of the challenges it can easily result in us as individuals feeling like the extent of change we can enact on our own is insignificant. This was certainly the position I found myself in and I was struggling to see how I, as an individual, could use the skills experience I had developed running a small business, to begin to influence discussions around environmental responsibility with my clients or to enact and encourage meaningful change more widely.

I was introduced to the Constuctivist training sessions by a friend and, after arriving with little understanding of what they would involve, I left feeling hugely empowered and inspired. Empowered by a fundamental understanding that each of us has a powerful and vital role to play in informing discussions, educating those we encounter, questioning the status quo and proposing ideas for how to improve our world. Inspired by spending time amongst a group of other people who all also shared a passionate belief in the need for change, and listening to them struggle initially with the same issues I was coming up against, then hearing them discover the confidence and resolve to begin to overcome the challenges that had been holding them back in this area of their lives and businesses.

Working in small groups to help each other explore the challenges we each face as individuals meant we developed a close understanding of how each other was struggling to find our way in helping to address the climate emergency, but seeing people begin to discover new roles for themselves as advocates for positive environmental change is a hugely inspiring process and to see that journey continue across the follow up sessions, listening to those same people explain how they had then begun to change things on the ground in their own lives and in their own workplaces inspired me even further.

I am genuinely thankful to the Constructivist team for creating the space and supportive conditions that allowed me to discover the confidence and inspiration I needed to move from feeling overwhelmed by the scale of the challenge, to feeling empowered that I can play a vital and effective role in creating the change we all need to see.

I would genuinely recommend working with these guys, to anyone who is seeking to find their own way to becoming an empowered and effective advocate for environmental change.

Sean Redmond – ph3 Design

Registration is now open for our next programme of Training on what to do after declaring a Climate Emergency, starting online in October.