Bill Sharpe x Regenerative Design Policy Lab

The news we have been waiting to share with you is that systems thinker and futures practitioner Bill Sharpe is going to be joining us as part of the Regenerative Design Policy Lab. Bill is best known as the creator of the Three Horizons Model, which is so valuable for helping us envisage a transition to a regenerative built environment sector.

Bill specialises in the intersection between science, technology and society. Following a career of innovation in the computer industry he has focused on helping organisations meet the challenges of a complex and uncertain future. Bill is author of Three Horizons: the patterning of hope. He works with Future StewardsH3Uni and the International Futures Forum to build a global commons of practice for transformative changein service of a regenerative future where we meet the needs of all within the means of one planet.

The Three Horizons Model forms the backbone of the Regenerative Design Lab structure, with distinct phases of the Lab related to the three horizons in the model. Bill will join us for two of the residential sessions at Hazel Hill Wood, observing, offering his thoughts and leading us through parts of the Three Horizons process.

Few people we have met in this space offer the same degree of clarity in their thinking as Bill. If you are interested in working with Bill as part of the Regenerative Design Policy Lab then find all the details here.