Systems Mapping and Abundance Thinking: A Glimpse into RDL Cohort 2 Session 3

Today we held the third session for Cohort 2 at the Regenerative Design Lab (RDL).

Our monthly online sessions offer a platform for participants to discuss and digest the reflective work they’ve engaged in over the past month. Additionally, in these sessions we host skill development activities designed to bolster our understanding of regenerative practices.

Kicking off the session, we held a really useful introduction to systems mapping, conducted by Cohort 2 participant, Pablo Newbury. Pablo guided us through the process of mapping both positive and negative causal loops within a system. This insightful exercise allowed us to identify the balancing and reinforcing feedback loops that either inhibit or promote regenerative thinking in our industry.

Moving on to the latter half of our session, we delved into the second of our three discussions introducing the Living Systems Blueprint. This innovative framework uses living systems as a guide to describe what a regenerative construction industry could potentially look like.

The work we are currently undertaking forms a crucial part of our preparation for RDL summer residential in July.

We find the conversation surrounding abundance always unlocks thinking please. It is a potent topic that helps us reimagine the way we generate the resources we require to survive, thrive, and co-evolve harmoniously with the living world.

As we continue our explorations into regenerative design, we are excited to announce that applications for our Regenerative Design Policy Lab are now open.

Stay tuned for more updates on the lab and regenerative design thinking resources coming soon.