Announcing the Regenerative Design Lab Summer Research Workshop

The Regenerative Design Lab community is growing. In 2022, the first 20 people began their journey through our pilot of the lab. Now over 50 people have completed the lab programme (and some of them have been through twice!).

So now our work as conveners of the Lab is as much about nourishing this existing community of regenerative practitioners as it is about recruiting more. And so to help support and further the work of this group of change-makers, we are holding our second summer research workshop.

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Continuous place based design

Diagram is titled continuous place based design and is showing a design process in a continuous loop. The four points in the process are observe, brief, idea and model and test.

Continuous place-based design is a model that creates a transition towards regenerative design.

The key elements of continuous, place-based design:

  1. Design should exist as part of a long-term connection with place.
  2. Design that starts with and regularly returns to a practice of deep observation.
  3. Design that respects the complexity of the human-living system.
  4. Design that tried to work with what is emergent – with what the system is trying to do.
  5. Design that humbly seeks to unlock the potential of place.
  6. Design that is always learning from its actions through long-term repeated practice.
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