Announcing the Regenerative Design Lab Summer Research Workshop

The Regenerative Design Lab community is growing. In 2022, the first 20 people began their journey through our pilot of the lab. Now over 50 people have completed the lab programme (and some of them have been through twice!).

So now our work as conveners of the Lab is as much about nourishing this existing community of regenerative practitioners as it is about recruiting more. And so to help support and further the work of this group of change-makers, we are holding our second summer research workshop.

In regenerative design, we look to the living world to understand how we can thrive within our ecosystem limits. We often talk about the Living Systems Blueprint – characteristics of thriving living systems that we can use to guide our decisions as we develop regenerative practice. With these principles in mind, the aim of this event is

  • to strengthen interconnections within the group
  • to create symbiotic loops of exchange
  • to enable the self-organise to make the most of the emergent possibilities

Scroll down for more details of the event. We look forward to welcoming many past lab members back to the woods.