The Pattern Book – a new collaborative project in regenerative thinking

Earlier this month, we unveiled the Pattern Book project, an innovative workbook designed to guide professionals in the built environment towards regenerative design principles.  The Pattern Book is the next evolution in the development of the Regenerative Design Lab.

New patterns for the future

The Pattern Book aims to be an emergent, collaborative resource, offering a collection of tools, techniques, and resources under Creative Commons.

“We see in patterns, we recognize patterns, we create patterns. To create a world in which construction brings about thriving rather than destruction, we need new patterns for thinking about how we design and build,”

Oliver Broadbent

Embodying regenerative principles

Central to the project is the embodiment of regenerative principles in the book’s creation. These principles—creating interconnection, unlocking symbiosis, and enabling self-organisation and evolution—mirror the patterns that living systems adopt to thrive within ecosystem limits. The project seeks to adopt these patterns to ensure human thriving on Earth.

Through the Pattern Book project, the aim is to foster interconnection between the first three cohorts of the Lab and their extended networks. By making the resources Creative Commons-licensed, the project creates a platform for knowledge exchange that unlocks the symbiosis of collaboration. Additionally, the book will enable users to work with these patterns to develop their own experiments in regenerative thinking.

A Collaborative Process

The creation of The Pattern Book is designed to be a dynamic, inclusive process:

  • Ecosystem Creation: An ecosystem for developing The Pattern Book is being established, engaging all participants from previous Regenerative Design Lab cohorts.
  • Peer Review: A peer-review system will be in place to validate and test each submission before it becomes an official pattern in the book.
  • Formats: The Pattern Book will be available in both online and physical formats, ensuring broad accessibility.

Looking Ahead

The Pattern Book project will follow a structured timeline, beginning with the Regenerative Design Lab Summer Workshop in June 2024. The project will adhere to an experimental lunar sprint calendar, with cycles of three lunar months, culminating in the completion of the workbook by the end of Cohort 4 in May 2025.

The launch of The Pattern Book project marks a significant next step in the Regenerative Design Lab’s mission to transform the construction industry into one that creates thriving. Our aim is that by creating this book of patterns, we can empower a much wider group of people to think regeneratively.

For more information visit the Pattern Book.